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B-Storm  by Ava Geyer; photograph by Ben Katz



Abigail and Rose are ready to have a baby. Dr. Lee Hagel wants to know why they want to have a baby. Of all the things to have. A goofy meditation on nurturing, parenting and How to Stay Awake. 


produced in Ensemble Studio Theatre's Asking For Trouble Festival 2019

dir by Dominique Rider feat. Will Dagger



Sex sells. Even when you're selling chocolate syrup to little kids, unfortunately. New York ad execs are forced to confront past wounds and current crises when their new campaign hits a little stickily close to home. 


published by Concord Theatricals 

winner, National MFA Playwrights Festival

produced at Theatre Row in NYC; dir by Julie Kramer feat. Crystal Sha'nae



Effie is working on being more vulnerable. She does phone catchups with her adult son while he's on the freeway. She tries to open the jaws of her pain and have him stand there with her, on the pain's tongue. A three-person play about what it takes to 'be real' with each other. 


produced in "Hopeful Decade" event, Williamsburg, BK 2020

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